Châtaignier des Astre etc


Given names
MarriageBlasia ROSSOView this family

Baptism of a daughterTheresia GIRAUDO
August 30, 1819
Religion: Catholique
Marriage of a childGiovanni Battista ASTRE la-salTheresia GIRAUDOView this family
June 11, 1840
Birth of a granddaughter
Catterina ASTRE
September 15, 184114:00
Birth of a granddaughter
Biaggia ASTRE
November 20, 184307:00
Birth of a grandson
Gioanni Luca ASTRE
October 17, 184622:00
Birth of a granddaughter
July 6, 184905:00
Birth of a grandson
Don Michele ASTRE
May 24, 185213:00
Birth of a granddaughter
Teresa ASTRE
July 9, 185511:00
Birth of a granddaughter
Madeleine ASTRE
August 19, 185810:00
Birth of a grandson
Antonino ASTRE la-sal
July 12, 1861
Marriage of a grandchildDomenico GIORDANOAnna ASTREView this family
Type: Religious marriage
January 20, 1869
Religion: Catholique
Marriage of a grandchildPietro MESSACatterina ASTREView this family
March 31, 1869
Marriage of a grandchildGiuseppe GIRAUDOBiaggia ASTREView this family
May 15, 1871

Death of a granddaughterAnna ASTRE
July 24, 1873
Marriage of a grandchildGioanni Luca ASTRECatterina GIORDANAView this family
February 8, 1877
Religion: Catholique
Marriage of a grandchildMichele LOVERA casolaMadeleine ASTREView this family
May 5, 1881
Marriage of a grandchildBartolomeo BELTRAMOTeresa ASTREView this family
Type: Religious marriage
September 13, 1882
Death of a daughterTheresia GIRAUDO
December 24, 188211:00
Address: In casa Astre - Comune di Andonno (à l'époque).
Marriage of a grandchildAntonino ASTRE la-salCaterina ASTRE caralView this family
April 30, 1885

Death of a granddaughterTeresa ASTRE
June 20, 1887

Address: Hôpital