Châtaignier des Astre etc

Louis Joseph Philippe BAUDOIN1894

Louis Joseph Philippe BAUDOIN
Given names
Louis Joseph Philippe
Birth October 28, 1894 15 20
Death of a maternal grandfatherLouis Victor LAISSIAU
November 15, 1898 (Age 4 years)
Birth of a sisterLouise Gabrielle BAUDOIN
April 29, 190106:00 (Age 6 years)
Address: En la maison Honorine DRION veuve LASSIAU.
Death of a maternal grandmotherHonorine DRION
after October 18, 1901 (Age 6 years)

Marriage of parentsGabriel BAUDOINBerthe Louise Honorine LAISSIAUView this family
Type: Civil marriage
October 26, 1901 (Age 6 years)
Birth of a sisterGabrielle BAUDOIN
July 25, 190215:00 (Age 7 years)
Address: En son domicile.
Death of a sisterGabrielle BAUDOIN
February 13, 192805:00 (Age 33 years)
Address: Quartier du Fournel.
Death of a sisterLouise Gabrielle BAUDOIN
December 1, 1977 (Age 83 years)